The Name: Bikini Sunset

This question I get asked all the time; How/Where did you did you get the name ‘Bikini Sunset’? How I wish that I had some awe-inspiring story to wow everyone, but alas, it’s definitely not that way. This all began when decided to make an Instagram account; I had the FaceBook and the Tumblr so…

Anguilla Beaches: Little Bay

The tiny beach with a big personality. The name describes it well. Little Bay is a small beach carved out of a cliff side by the ocean; no bigger than the average front yard but has so much character. It’s white sand is pristine and it’s crystal clear blue water is out of this world….

Anguilla Beaches: Crocus Bay

If I had one day of fun on island, I would spend it at Crocus Bay. Being one of the smaller beaches it is so much bigger in character from the rest. Crocus Bay located on the North of Anguilla, down the steep Crocus Hill, passing the world famous Ce Blue Villas, embedded in a…

Anguilla Beaches : Shoal Bay (East)

Yet another question I get asked a million times. Which are the most see beaches on Anguilla? So here I am to give you (in my opinion) a few of the best beaches on Anguilla. Lets begin with my favorite beach EVER!! Shoal Bay (East) There are two (2) beaches on island named Shoal Bay….

I’m in St. Maarten…How do I get over?

I recently got a message from a travel blogger and instagram follower, who wanted to do a day trip to Anguilla while on vacation in the neighboring St. Maarten. She had absolutely no idea where to start, all she knew is that she saw my photos of the beaches in Anguilla and was not passing…

Hello From Paradise

Hi I’m Samantha…I live on a small island paradise in the Caribbean named Anguilla. Follow me for tips, photos, dos and don’ts and see what I do in Anguilla