Tea Box Lounge 

A tea lounge with an atmosphere as brilliant and a feeling of zen as calming as one can only come across a handful of times in this life. The tea-toned walls accented with multiple chrome decor in contrast with dark doors and warm colored couches captures a visual consciousness and brings a beautiful calmness to your entry.

Beautiful Fall inspired Decor
Comfortable couches accompanied by chrome highlights
Shades of Dark accents
Rustic meets modern chrome


With expectations after absorbing such ambiance you can imagine the teas and meals are beyond exceptional. On my recent experience, the tea special was a Turmeric Ginger infused tea with hints of lemon grass and assorted spices. How elated was I when I was told I had the option of having my tea iced. This cold subtle concoction soothes my throat as I collapse into a comfortable maroon couch. Another must-mention is the iced Matcha with the guilty addition of homemade whipped cream; out of this world.

Turmeric Ginger infused Tea
Matcha Iced Tea with homemade whipped cream

Hungry for more? The meal choices are limited to easy healthy and delicious dishes. Outstandingly delicious oatmeal, sandwiches, omelettes are a few that I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Their signature banana porridge I must admit had me in questions and thankfully it’s construction of flavors is the highlight of the day.

Banana Porridge
Best Oatmeal Ever
Avocado Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Omelette with Toast and Local Jam

Even a greater highlight than my life altering delicious oatmeal was the accomplishment of Earl Grey tea inflused honey made by Anguilla’s most loved Chef Shawne.

Earl Grey Infused Honey

Oatmeal and Earl Grey infused Honey

Tea Box Lounge has kidnapped my love for breakfast and kept my tastebuds hostage hoping to devour the journey through the lunch choices which itself is as intriguing as the entire Tea Box world. Feast you eyes on the incredible Creamy Tuscan Fish Pasta along with their amazing Spinach Chicken. Finally the Crepes a definite must try beautiful savory and creamy.

Creamy Tuscan Fish Pasta Along with Spinach Pasta

Heavenly Crepes

Craving the Tea Box Lounge visit them. It’s an experience like no other.

Tea Box Lounge

Can Engineering Building

South Hill




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  1. EllenLV says:

    I love your blog and your pictures, thank you for sharing.

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  2. mandar345 says:

    while selcting tea what are contents you are looking at ?


    1. bikinisunset says:

      I actually just go with the recommendations


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